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October 26, 2017 – Bitch from Hell Maid and I’m Outta Here

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Okay, up, my last day in Salem . . . and boy, is it!!! Things are not going so well right out of the shoot! What a disaster! Why do I have to make everything so difficult?  I hate packing!

I’m excited to be flying to New York from Salem but how strange that I’m not staying in Salem for Halloween! In the past, you could not drag me away from Salem on Halloween! I guess I’m thinking Halloween weekend might just be more exciting in New York but since having the final altercation with the Bitch Maid at the Hawthorne, I’m just done. It’s been five years since I’ve been to Salem and granted, I only had three days. You just can’t do Salem in three days, BUT these three days have been hard on me. So let’s start with packing. No organization, I just shove it in, squishing fingers along the way. Got it all in and now I’m ready and the shit begins.

Unknowingly, by not having the maids in my room for the last three days has caused them to suspect me of stealing towels. Towels? Towels?? I didn’t have the maids in because I was EXHAUSTED when I got here and I slept. Slept in my room for three days. It’s my room. I paid to be in it, right? Anyway, here’s what happened. I roll on out of the room and I see a gaggle of maids ahead of me. Out steps one, very authoritative, looking me in the eye and announces to me that I’ve had no maid service while I was here. I look at her, quite friendly and polite on my part, and say, “Yes.” I’m actually a little afraid of her. She looks like one mean bitch and she’s obviously unhappy with me. I would call her a witch but I RESPECT WITCHES, not her! I continue to be very polite and move away from her. I do not engage her. As I walk away, she issues an order to the other maids to COUNT THE TOWELS IN MY ROOM. Count the towels? Are you kidding me? Is that all you got? I still do not engage her. I know her for what she is. There will be a day when I want to come back to Salem and stay at the Hawthorne Hotel and this ignorant bitch is not going to ruin that for me. Engaging her would have caused a huge shit storm and I refused to go there with her. I just walked away. I hope she’s happy. All my used towels are stacked up neatly on the bathroom floor. Every single one of them. For God’s sake, why would I want to steal towels from the Hawthorne Hotel? I have stayed many times at the Hawthorne. Why would I steal from them? I like them very much. I do not need their towels and I appreciate them enough that I didn’t even think to steal from them. They have been good to me over the years. Why would some petty-ass power-hungry bitch even think that I would steal from the Hawthorne? I didn’t even think of it over the years. I am a honest person. I never steal from anyone! I am honest to a fault. I do question the motives of the bitch though. I really do.

So I check out of the Hawthorne. I am very hurt and upset but I leave without a complaint. I just leave my beloved Salem and the Hawthorne. I’m in such a dark mood and I’m just plain mad. I don’t remember getting to the airport. I do remember boarding the plane and feeling bleak all the way to New York. I didn’t know I’d feel this way on my way to New York. I thought I would be excited and happy but no. The bitch maid from hell made sure of that. One last note, when I arrived in New York, it literally took three hours for me to get from the airport to my hotel. Three hours to go 9.7 miles… and the hotel doesn’t have my room reservation. Oh dear, here we go. . . Luvs, Janet

October 25, 2017 – Rain and Salem Ghost Stories

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My second day in Salem was rather quiet and relaxing. It rained for most of the day and I slept up until about 4:00 pm. Talk about waste the day! I got up a couple of times and looked out the window which is stuffed way over there in the corner. This room faces the inner workings of the Hawthorne Hotel but I could just see a sliver of the day out there. Rain, rain, oh how I love rain!

I decided to sleep a bit more and then go out which is exactly what I did. It was dark as pitch when I finally got outside and rather cold and raining. I took some very strange video out there in the Commons. In the video that I was taking, my shadow moved along very slowly from one side of a “Welcome to Salem” sign to the other side and disappeared. The shadow even turned around and took a couple of steps backwards along the way! I know that doesn’t sound like anything but I was standing still and literally filming my shadow moving away from me and disappearing on the other side of the sign! I didn’t see this event until I viewed the video on my computer. Well, I loved it, of course, so I quickly put some creepy music on it and uploaded it to my You Tube Channel. Yes, I have a You Tube Channel! And quite honestly, I’ve had several very strange experiences in Salem. I can truly say without a doubt that Salem is haunted. There are many spirits moving around these old Salem streets and I’ve been blessed to be aware of them. Mainly they appear in my photos but sometimes they are physical as well. There was one who appeared just as I was taking a photo of a store window. She was so small and seemed to have a little witch dress on, I kid you not! She came dashing around me so fast. I could actually hear her coming from behind me (it was late and dark with no one around). I could hear this clattering/clicking sound on the cobblestones and as she went around me, she upset the atmosphere. My camera picked this up and surprisingly you can see her in the bottom corner of my photo. She actually looked like a white stick figure (ectoplasm) in a full-run stance with just the suggestion of a witch dress. Of course, I didn’t see her until later when I downloaded the photo but I sure did hear her. She was making a real disturbance as she ran by me. I still remember it very clearly to this day. The other ghostly guy turned up by my side in the Charter Street cemetery. This was my first trip to Salem in 2009. It was my last day in Salem and I was getting in a few more photos before I had to leave. I was taking a photo of the tree that I love in the cemetery and, of course, I wasn’t aware of anything unusual but when I got home and looked at the photo, well, there he was! He was standing right there on my left side intently watching what I was doing. He was male and looked a bit misshappen but there he was, a dark shadow figure. I felt really honored that a spirit in Salem seemed to be so interested in what I was doing and I was so fortunate to catch him in my photo! Another photo I took in the same cemetery captured a swirl of orbs in front of the trees. It was quite beautiful. Another appeared to be a sunbeam playing among a display of Halloween flags hanging in front of a store on Derby Street. The way the sunbeam jumped from one flag to another seemed to not be possible with the sun’s movements and the order in which the photos were taken. It was quite strange. And certainly everyone has heard about the Hawthorne Hotel ghost. Well, I believe there may be something to that even though the Ghost Hunters didn’t find anything! During my first stay at the Hawthorne Hotel in 2009, I was all tucked in bed and sitting up watching TV when I felt something playing with my hair on the top of my head. I looked up and starting swatting things out of my hair thinking it was a spider. There was nothing there, and I looked everywhere! Also, when I stayed at the Hawthorne in 2010, I had several people ask me if I’d seen the ghost when they saw me on the 6th floor. I mean when I was looking out the window and there was a tour outside, they would holler up and ask if I had seen the ghost! I never experienced a ghost while I was in that room but the bed was a true nightmare!

I stayed outside for a bit longer and watched a Salem Police vehicle come racing up with the siren screaming and turn down Essex Street. Then he comes back in a bit all quiet and just creeping along. I guess they got away. I was hoping for some excitement, dang it. Yup, the Salem streets are quiet tonight. Guess I’ll go back up to my room. I have some stale Cheetos and licorice up there. A dinner to die for, yum.



Gimme some truth

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Tonight, I took Jason by Whataburger at around 1:30 am. My apparel: My blue granny flannel nightgown, mid-calf length, my furry leopard pajama bottoms, furry white house shoes with black spots and all of it topped with one of my Salem sweatshirts that goes down to my knees with an arched-back black cat on front with the caption, “Salem, Massachusetts, Where Magic Lives.” I asked Jason what he thought of my new outfit and he said I look like a “Bag Witch.” Aw ha! I’ve created my next Halloween costume!

My Photowalk Moment #1

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Every photowalk I go on begins like a disaster. I don’t care how prepared I am or think I am. At first, I’m shit, everything’s shit. Today was no exception.

Invisible Train Trick

I had a photowalk in the very urban Houston Downtown. First thing, here’s one of my better photos for the night. I learned a trick with my camera to make the train disappear leaving only the lights. I entered it into a contest, but I did not win. Shit. Anyway, this walk requires parking in a specific parking lot and riding the rail train to reach our destination. No problem. I’ve done this many times before. I lived Downtown for 4 years and have worked all my adult life in Downtown. You might say that I have the wherewithal for this journey. So, I go right to said parking lot and park. Amazing. I know it’s $4.00. Dig in my bag …. $4.00 parking, $1.25 train. I get out all my shit and bop over to pay the parking. I notice a guy sitting in the car next to me doing something to his phone. He’s intent. I go to put my $4.00 in and completely lose my mind. I do that a lot I’m finding. The machine asks for “Stall Number.” Hmmmm, I begin looking all over the machine for the “Stall Number.” Oh, there it is on the machine, “F2060.” I enter it in and I see that it has only acknowledged “60.” Hmm, okay. I grab my ticket and walk back to the truck. Get in to place my “60” ticket on my dashboard and *boing,* I realize all at once that “Stall Number” is the parking space number and I’m in “57” …. not “60!” Dumb ass, dork bitch. All checked in and ready to play! Sigh. So I seriously think to just stay put right here in “57” even though I have a “60” ticket. But ever being the straight and narrow, (i.e. never breaking rules), I proceed to move my truck …. back one and over two. Geeez, and the parking lot is virtually empty. It’s not like I’m in someone’s space and who the hell cares anyway in an empty freaking parking lot?! Anyway, I have fixed it in my typically anal fashion. I now grab my shit yet again and start to get out ……. where’s my tripod? I know I had my tripod. I begin frantically searching the truck. Where’s the fucking tripod? WHERE’S MY TRIPOD?! Oh, *DING,* it’s over there at the pay station. Remember, you dropped it on the ground and made a “mental note” not to leave it laying there? Remember? Right. I feel a sense of urgency as I walk over there. What if it’s not there? What if I can’t find it? The whole night of shooting without a tripod yawns before me. What’ll I do? As I walk, I peek around a car and there it is, laying on the ground right where I lost it. Whew!

I gather up my tripod and as I walk by the car with the “telephone guy” in it, he jumps out and says, “Oh, parking is free tonight. There’s a wedding in yonder church and they don’t charge if there’s a wedding. You can look like you are going to the wedding, right? Ha!” Shit, I come to a complete stop and promptly drop my tripod and stand staring at him nonplussed. He has seen none of my song and dance around him and his car. Now, I gather up my tripod once again and reply, “Well, at least I can look like I’m a photographer for the fucking wedding!” Yes, I said it just that way …. as I kissed my $4.00 goodbye. And to think, I almost lost my tripod too.

I now make my way over to the train station. I like riding the train. It feels so …. so New York! I search for my 5 quarters and begin to place them in the ticket machine. As I’m doing this, the train pulls up. The driver of the train is lined up perfectly behind me. He can see me getting my ticket. I’m putting in 1 quarter, 2 quarters …. I’m thinking surely he will wait just a couple of seconds for me to get my ticket. Surely …. he can see me! I feel his eyes on my back. 3 quarters, 4 quarters, 5 quarters. I almost have it! And the 5th quarter falls …. straight through, rejected and the train pulls away…. YOU FUCKING ASS HAT!! I pluck out the 5th quarter and place it in the machine yet again, and I forlornly stand on the platform clutching my ticket in my hand staring after the train as it slowly pulls away. Can’t you just picture it? I turn to look the other way …. no sign of the next train. Guess I’ll sit down and save my strength. Dejectedly, I do just that. Sigh….

Now, as I’m sitting there waiting on the train, there in front of me just across the tracks is a lovely wrought-iron bench. There are 2 people sitting there. The bench is not facing me so I am free to stare at their backs. One person is a very big bald black man (the 3 B’s). His companion is a very large (and I mean large) woman, with a lot of makeup on and wearing a strapless floral dress. Oh dear, and did I say large? The lady looks as if she took a lot of time to make herself look pretty for this man. They are arguing. She is upset. He looks bored. They are arguing and she begins to cry saying something along the lines of, “You stold all my money, you took my car and you broke my heart!” He yawns and stretches and says, “Ya, and that was just on Sunday!” (kidding) They argue some more, she’s upset, and as I’m getting up to board the next train, I hear him say something about “Gwyneth Paltrow” and I am thoroughly convinced that the man has come off with a clever “fat joke.” Oh please, let me get on this damn train! I guess you just can’t polish a turd …. him being the turd!

And that’s how I got to my photowalk!

*Gwyneth Paltrow – Shallow Hal*

Now I’m at my photowalk! I go to check in (they’re big on that) and find a spot where I can wrestle with my tripod. I frickin’ hate tripods. Did I already say that? Well, I do. So firstly, without knowing it, while I’m keeping my eye on yonder sunset (really want to get that), I pull out the attachment for the wrong tripod and try everything I can think of to put it on the WRONG tripod. Oh, maybe I have the wrong attachment! You think? Oh dear, I’m losing the sun. Search franctically for the other attachment, find it, another wrestling match ensues. Looking around, I’m the ONLY ONE that’s not taking photos of that BEAUTIFUL SUNSET! Some guy sees my struggle and comes to help me and he can’t figure it out. Tanks anyway. And I struggle, pull and there it’s on. No, I guess not. My camera just fell …….. into my hand. Damn lucky my hand was there! I feel suddenly weak in the knees, feeling faint. I ALMOST DROPPED MY CAMERA ON THE CEMENT FLOOR! I need to sit down and I will sit down after I get this damn tripod attached to my camera!! As I feel sweat dripping down my back and ass crack, I finally get it! It’s there and it’s on tight! I give it several mighty pulls, flip it upside down. Damn, it’s really on there! Photowalk Sunset I race over to the edge to try to catch that sunset and “click!” I get one …. 1 …. uno …. photo and *blink* the sun is gone. And as I suppose you know, that photo SUCKED! And there it is over there. I had to tweak the hell out of it …. my sole photo of the sunset.

And now I promptly proceeded to fuck up EVERY picture I took for the rest of the night!

What made this night totally worth it was the weather. During the early part of the evening, it was hot, humid, just yuk with an overcast sky. The sky looked like it was sitting on top of the Downtown skyscrapers. Sort of a Stephen King night like “The Dome” was sitting over us. It was just as stuffy as you would think if you had a dome sitting over the city. Then as we were photowalking along and in my process of never taking a decent photo, this cool rush of air comes over us. You could literally feel it pushing the humidity away and the temperature was dropping. Awww, nice. Then came the wind, but who cares? It was lovely!

Street Guy GhostA lot of street people approach us and want to pose for us. There’s money involved, of course, and the whole group thinks I’ve lost my mind when I keep telling this rundown, dirty little man to “give it to us!” “Let’s have a really smoldering, sexy look.” “Ya, good, just like that!” The group leader looks at me and then tips the old fella and the man wanders away. Hey, it will never be said that I don’t know how to spice things up …. even if I’m totally bonkers! And there’s the ghost of a street guy over there. Why, oh why, can’t I take at least 1 decent night photo?

It’s at this point that we decide to stop for pizza and drinks and I see that when we are seated, that I’m the only one sitting by myself. Hmmmm, is it something I said? Something I did? One guy does come and sits at my table but when I get up to go get my coke, he has moved to another spot. Hmmmm. Anyway, I order my pizza, drink a couple of cokes, talk to some strangers sitting across from me and I see that my photo group are beginning to leave. So ok, I proceed to put everything up …. breaking down my equipment and stuff. And there I am once again wrestling with my tripod, only this time, I’m trying to attach it to my backpack. I struggle, I pull, I adjust straps, I curse …. and I look up …. and I’m all alone once again. All the photo group is gone, the 2 strangers have left and I’m standing there blinking once again. Can’t you just picture it?

Halloween Display

So finally, I’m on my way home walking alone Downtown at night (Poor Pitiful Pearl) about 8 blocks all the while crossing the street this way and that to avoid all manner of spooky people. Of course, I find a Halloween Display! On toward my truck and things are as they should be I suppose. You know, I was so tired when I got home that I ate ice cream. OH MY GAWD!!!! It’s scary good!


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Ok, now I know that this is a “Salem” blog but since it is “my blog,” well, I have other “happenings” to share and not all have to do with “Salem.” They have everything to do with my life. So, tuff shit, Petunia, I’m using this blog for that too! So be forewarned, be prepared, oh just be the hell ready, ok?


Hurricane Sandy, Salem and me

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Hurricane Sandy Salem Window

Salem Spooky PJs

What, me wild?

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I went the other day to get new shoes for my truck. Well, the truck ended up spending a couple of nights at Discount Tires. When I went to pick up the truck, the guy got my keys and laughed and said, “Oh, you’re the one with the wild key chain!” What, me wild?



What Me Wild

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