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October 25, 2017 – Rain and Salem Ghost Stories

Posted in Janet, Salem with tags , on September 30, 2019 by Janet Glenn

My second day in Salem was rather quiet and relaxing. It rained for most of the day and I slept up until about 4:00 pm. Talk about waste the day! I got up a couple of times and looked out the window which is stuffed way over there in the corner. This room faces the inner workings of the Hawthorne Hotel but I could just see a sliver of the day out there. Rain, rain, oh how I love rain!

I decided to sleep a bit more and then go out which is exactly what I did. It was dark as pitch when I finally got outside and rather cold and raining. I took some very strange video out there in the Commons. In the video that I was taking, my shadow moved along very slowly from one side of a “Welcome to Salem” sign to the other side and disappeared. The shadow even turned around and took a couple of steps backwards along the way! I know that doesn’t sound like anything but I was standing still and literally filming my shadow moving away from me and disappearing on the other side of the sign! I didn’t see this event until I viewed the video on my computer. Well, I loved it, of course, so I quickly put some creepy music on it and uploaded it to my You Tube Channel. Yes, I have a You Tube Channel! And quite honestly, I’ve had several very strange experiences in Salem. I can truly say without a doubt that Salem is haunted. There are many spirits moving around these old Salem streets and I’ve been blessed to be aware of them. Mainly they appear in my photos but sometimes they are physical as well. There was one who appeared just as I was taking a photo of a store window. She was so small and seemed to have a little witch dress on, I kid you not! She came dashing around me so fast. I could actually hear her coming from behind me (it was late and dark with no one around). I could hear this clattering/clicking sound on the cobblestones and as she went around me, she upset the atmosphere. My camera picked this up and surprisingly you can see her in the bottom corner of my photo. She actually looked like a white stick figure (ectoplasm) in a full-run stance with just the suggestion of a witch dress. Of course, I didn’t see her until later when I downloaded the photo but I sure did hear her. She was making a real disturbance as she ran by me. I still remember it very clearly to this day. The other ghostly guy turned up by my side in the Charter Street cemetery. This was my first trip to Salem in 2009. It was my last day in Salem and I was getting in a few more photos before I had to leave. I was taking a photo of the tree that I love in the cemetery and, of course, I wasn’t aware of anything unusual but when I got home and looked at the photo, well, there he was! He was standing right there on my left side intently watching what I was doing. He was male and looked a bit misshappen but there he was, a dark shadow figure. I felt really honored that a spirit in Salem seemed to be so interested in what I was doing and I was so fortunate to catch him in my photo! Another photo I took in the same cemetery captured a swirl of orbs in front of the trees. It was quite beautiful. Another appeared to be a sunbeam playing among a display of Halloween flags hanging in front of a store on Derby Street. The way the sunbeam jumped from one flag to another seemed to not be possible with the sun’s movements and the order in which the photos were taken. It was quite strange. And certainly everyone has heard about the Hawthorne Hotel ghost. Well, I believe there may be something to that even though the Ghost Hunters didn’t find anything! During my first stay at the Hawthorne Hotel in 2009, I was all tucked in bed and sitting up watching TV when I felt something playing with my hair on the top of my head. I looked up and starting swatting things out of my hair thinking it was a spider. There was nothing there, and I looked everywhere! Also, when I stayed at the Hawthorne in 2010, I had several people ask me if I’d seen the ghost when they saw me on the 6th floor. I mean when I was looking out the window and there was a tour outside, they would holler up and ask if I had seen the ghost! I never experienced a ghost while I was in that room but the bed was a true nightmare!

I stayed outside for a bit longer and watched a Salem Police vehicle come racing up with the siren screaming and turn down Essex Street. Then he comes back in a bit all quiet and just creeping along. I guess they got away. I was hoping for some excitement, dang it. Yup, the Salem streets are quiet tonight. Guess I’ll go back up to my room. I have some stale Cheetos and licorice up there. A dinner to die for, yum.



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